About Normandy


Normandy is the large region of Northern France stretching from Mont St Michel in the west to Dieppe in the east and almost reaching Paris to the south-east.  It boasts over 400 miles of coastline and is the perfect combination of wide sandy beaches, bustling towns and peaceful country villages.

It is rich in history - in 1066 William, Duke of Normandy, set sail to conquer England.  In the 15th century Normandy fell under British rule, leading to the uprising led by Joan of Arc who was executed in Rouen.  In 1944 the D-DAY landings by allied forces liberated Normandy by expelling the occupying troops from France.

Normandy comprises 5 counties (or Departements): Calvados (County town Caen), Eure (Evreux), Manche (St Lo), Orne (Alencon), and Seine-Maritime (city - Rouen), each with their own different character.

Agriculture (dairy/butter/cheeses/apples..and of course cider) and fishing/seafood dominate the economy today. Eating well is a favourite past-time!